Introducing the music video!

The music video for “When it Rains” has been completed! It is my first music video, so I am very excited for you to see it! It is also a lovely visual of my two good friends Toby and Caitlin-who are the actors in it and a lovely reminder of the Joshua Tree desert which has been my home for the last three years and which I still believe is a magical place!Check out this video, directed and produced by Frank Musa.

Kerouac Night Poetry and Music

Hey, guys! I’m playing at a show in Nashville on Monday night-Kerouac Night! I’m so revved up because I want to share these songs with you! I’ve been locked inside my studio like some mad scientist creating new music maybe for a bit too long! So it’s bound to be a memorable and maybe a little socially awkward night, too! Come on out and let me know that you’re there!

I’m in the Music City!

That’s right! I’m now in Nashville Tennessee! So far, I’ve made many new music friends, have had some major breakthroughs in writing songs and the music industry and have been feeling the love of my family! I must also mention that the abundant, intense rainstorms here are a refreshing change from my life in the desert of Southern California. Anyways, the sparks are flying in my studio as usual and I will have some fresh new music to share in the upcoming weeks and am planning a U.S. tour before the end of this year!


Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter Contest 2015

Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter Contest 2015

I’ve just entered the Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter Contest 2015 for a chance to win a bunch of cool gear and an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show! By watching my videos on the link below, you will improve my chance of winning this dream come true contest! So, share the link on your Facebook page so all can see!

Melody 4


The Smoothies debut album

Work is progressing slowly but surely on the new album. While Frank is away traveling in Europe, I am tinkering away in the music lab/studio editing and drumming and dropping bass lines.

I am eager to join my buddy for some live shows when he returns from his adventure. We have some silly antics in the works already.

I will be posting bits of the music on this site, so stay tuned!

The Smoothies debut

I am now drumming in a new band called The Smoothies! We’ve been working on stuff in the practice room-jamming up a storm! Several of these songs we have recorded primary parts for our new upcoming album-to be released in December 2015.
We had our first performance at Ted’s Reality Show at Pappy and Harriet’s just a few weeks ago and nobody threw tomatoes or rocks at us, so that went well! We got a good response from the audience. It was a blast!
Check out the video! The Smoothies live debut!