Melody  has written and performed solo original acoustic music in little coffeehouses and cafes in Upstate NY for twenty years. She played her music in various original rock bands as a teenager and young adult, idolizing classic rock bands such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and newer bands like Tool and Alice in Chains.

In 2008, her dream come true band began-The Best Dream. The band played fun, high energy indie rock to audiences in Syracuse and area festivals and recorded an EP. This was a nice jump start to her musical vision. The band dissolved in 2010, when each member went on to pursue other music and life goals.

Melody continued writing songs. These songs became the album The World of My Dreams, a five song EP, which Melody recorded at Watchmen Studios in Buffalo, NY and independently released in 2012. The disc incorporates the juxtaposing  styles of emotionally intense rock n roll and soft, melodic acoustic folk music. Several musician friends played instruments on the album, including drummer Ronald Lickers (BML, Goodbye Ronnie) and Melody’s dad, Ronald Calley.

Melody moved near Los Angeles, California in 2013. She is currently playing drums in a new trash rock band called The Smoothies. She is also writing a new solo album in her home recording studio, exploring the realm of progressive/instrumental rock. The release date of the album is unknown. Melody also plans to continue to play shows in and near Joshua Tree, California.

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