Radio Free Joshua Tree Show

Will Melody
I got the chance to play at the Beatnik Lounge for some cool folks and kids with talented singer/songwriter/musician Will Kelly recently. And what’s better? The performances of our songs are going to be broadcast on Radio Free Joshua Tree!

Radio Free Joshua Tree is a web radio station that plays eclectic local Joshua Tree area music and was started by and is partially hosted by Ted Quinn. The live shows that take place at the Beatnik Lounge in are recorded and can later be heard on the station, so if you didn’t make it to the show-you can still hear the music!

It was lots of fun. Thanks, Ted for such a cool opportunity to be part of the music scene in the coolest town in the hi desert!

Radio Free Joshua Tree website

Palm Springs Village Fest


I had a good time entertaining passers-by at the Palm Springs Village Fest. It’s really interesting to see people up close getting into the music. Little children dance to the rhythm, soul-searchers lean in close to absorb the guitar’s magical healing powers, independent thinkers nod in acknowledgement and all ages bop to familiar upbeat tunes they know. I sing my heart out hoping to do the songs writers and original performers of these wonderful songs justice. I like exchanging smiles with people in mutual celebration of the effects music has on our lives. I like conversations that I’ve had with those who are learning to play guitar and some guys from the older generation who appreciate the classic rock that I love and have been to some concerts of great rockers who died before my time. The Village Fest is a great place to play, a great place to meet all kinds of people and a great place to find work by local original artists of all types. And there’s great food! I love playing there.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be practicing a lot of new songs in preparation for my next Village Fest performance. I can’t wait to play there again!

New behind-the-scenes video

Happy New Year!

To me, music is a means of expressing my soul. The emotions I write about are my own but the inspiration to create it comes from beyond this world. I get it from being silently immersed in nature. It is in the desert wilderness on a dusty dirt road in Morongo Valley, California is my studio/home where I have been working on music for the new album.
This is the first of the Studio Sessions in which you can learn some more about me and the music I make.
You can watch it here! (Just click continue reading). Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more like it in the future. -Melody

Exciting Shows!

I’m excited for some shows I have coming up!

I’ll be playing for my first time at the Palm Springs Village Fest-December 14th & January 15th! This should be great!

In December, when I visit Nashville, I hope to play the open mic or songwriter showcase at the Commodore Grille again. Those songwriters don’t mess around! They are super competitive! Experiencing the the songs of the abundance of talented songwriters in Nashville is super inspiring to me. It reminds me to keep writing and striving for better songs!

Exploring the Desert-my new home!

Pappys photo wall

photo by Bobbi Lee Hitchon

Pappys lights

I played for the first time at the open mic w/ Ted Quinn at Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneer town Palace. What a great place to play-it’s always bustling with life! I met many friendly musicians who welcomed me. Pappy’s is also an exciting place to go because famous musicians turn up there sometimes-it’s a destination for many touring acts passing through on their way to LA. You just never know who you’re going to meet!


New horizons



I have been busy with new music and life endeavors, the biggest of which is I moved to California! It was a lifelong dream of mine and I turned it into a reality! Whew! What a rush!

First, I visited Ghana, Africa! Holy cow that was an amazing, intense experience and I did NOT want to leave!

I immediately met some great musicians in Joshua Tree and have set about making some new experimental music. I really feel like I am in my element.

This has been an amazing summer!




Elevated Underground

The Elevated Underground is a cool basement venue in the Syracuse University area, run by some cool people. Steve Zahn found me on line and asked me to play, to which I responded my usual “Sure!”. I was delighted to hear some young talented bands in a real grass rootsy type of situation, playing because they love to play! I had a great time playing and my music inspired some people. I’ll be back there again soon, no doubt! Thanks, guys!

The Tramontane Cafe-my home away from home.

The Tramontane Cafe in Utica is one of the warmest, creatively beautiful places to play that I know of in Upstate New York. The “Tram” is a home to a truly supportive environment for any musician or artist of any style. What a fun show we had there last Friday night! If you haven’t been there or haven’t been lately-I highly recommend going to experience the atmosphere, art, music and food and the lovely people-Garrett and Robin the owners!  Thank them for being a cornerstone of alternative culture in Upstate NY.