Kerouac Night Poetry and Music

Hey, guys! I’m playing at a show in Nashville on Monday night-Kerouac Night! I’m so revved up because I want to share these songs with you! I’ve been locked inside my studio like some mad scientist creating new music maybe for a bit too long! So it’s bound to be a memorable and maybe a little socially awkward night, too! Come on out and let me know that you’re there!

Palm Springs Village Fest


I had a good time entertaining passers-by at the Palm Springs Village Fest. It’s really interesting to see people up close getting into the music. Little children dance to the rhythm, soul-searchers lean in close to absorb the guitar’s magical healing powers, independent thinkers nod in acknowledgement and all ages bop to familiar upbeat tunes they know. I sing my heart out hoping to do the songs writers and original performers of these wonderful songs justice. I like exchanging smiles with people in mutual celebration of the effects music has on our lives. I like conversations that I’ve had with those who are learning to play guitar and some guys from the older generation who appreciate the classic rock that I love and have been to some concerts of great rockers who died before my time. The Village Fest is a great place to play, a great place to meet all kinds of people and a great place to find work by local original artists of all types. And there’s great food! I love playing there.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be practicing a lot of new songs in preparation for my next Village Fest performance. I can’t wait to play there again!