Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter Contest 2015

Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter Contest 2015

I’ve just entered the Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter Contest 2015 for a chance to win a bunch of cool gear and an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show! By watching my videos on the link below, you will improve my chance of winning this dream come true contest! So, share the link on your Facebook page so all can see!

Melody 4


New behind-the-scenes video

Happy New Year!

To me, music is a means of expressing my soul. The emotions I write about are my own but the inspiration to create it comes from beyond this world. I get it from being silently immersed in nature. It is in the desert wilderness on a dusty dirt road in Morongo Valley, California is my studio/home where I have been working on music for the new album.
This is the first of the Studio Sessions in which you can learn some more about me and the music I make.
You can watch it here! (Just click continue reading). Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more like it in the future. -Melody